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What is Tax Relief?

Have you received a Notice of Deficiency? Or is your bank account or paycheck being garnished? Are you behind on employer payroll taxes? Don’t fight the IRS alone! Put our proven team of experienced tax attorneys on your side. We can stop all collections while working with you to find the best solution to your individual situation. Once your case is resolved we can help you keep on track in the future.

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Did You Know...

To become a paid tax preparer someone just needs a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) issued by the IRS

1.4 million PTIN’s have been issued

The IRS issues a PTIN without any verification of tax knowledge or a criminal background check

In Fact, 58% of active PTIN holders have no professional credentials!

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Our Proven 4 Step Process

1. Consultation (Today)

  • No Appointment Necessary
  • Speak with a tax resolution specialist about your case
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2. Investigate and Protect (2-4 Weeks)

  • US Tax Relief Pre-Qual process
  • Establish communication with IRS
  • Initiate client protection
  • Conduct in-depth analysis of case and client’s financial position
  • Bring current all tax returns as necessary
  • Review case options with client

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3. Case Resolution (2-10 Months)

  • Filing Compliance
  • Negotiate best possible resolution for client
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4. Good Standing Team

Client has option to partner with our Good Standing Team

  • We maintain Power of Attorney with IRS
  • Monitor your tax accounts 24/7 (business and personal)
  • Prepare all tax returns, state and federal
  • Bookkeeping and accounting for your business
  • Business tax planning
  • Low cost business growth strategies to improve your revenue
  • Marketing tools to help grow your business

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