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Good Standing Team

You have a business to run and keeping up with accounting pulls you away from the important things you need to do to keep your business efficient and profitable. Why not outsource the routine, time consuming tasks associated with accounting to our team? We’ll keep your records current, provide you with the valuable monthly and quarterly statements you need to manage your business, and make sure all government filings are accurate and on time.

You're Invited...

To Join The US Tax Relief “Good Standing Team”

What is the Good Standing Team?

It’s our way of helping you maintain your fresh start with the IRS. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A budget friendly menu of bookkeeping and accounting services designed for business owners
  • Experience you can trust from our team of CPA’s, bookkeepers, and accountants. All under the supervision of our staff of attorneys.
  • Our up to the minute technology let’s you monitor and track your data easily, in real time.
  • Proven business growth strategies from our Marketing division to help you find and win new customers, clients, and patients.
  • Frees you up so you can spend more time running your business
  • We retain our representation with the IRS on your behalf

Have Questions? Here are some answers?

Given the challenges of running a small business today, we find that many owners are looking to eliminate some of the routine tasks that can be delegated to experts…like accounting. Our goal is to help you refocus on the areas of your business that will contribute to it’s growth and profitability.

Maybe, but consider this. Do you really want the direct expense of another person on the payroll, with the additional expense associated with that? When you’re a member of the Good Standing Team you get a committed team of professionals working on your behalf at a low, fixed monthly payment.

The days of dealing with stacks of paper receipts and boxes of old records are over! Using our secure, cloud based technology will save you time as well as make your data easily accessible from a variety of platforms.

We offer three levels of service, giving our Good Standing Team members a solution that fits their budget and needs. Our goal is to help you find a solution that works for you and your business.

No problem, we will design a program that fits your business and budget.

This is our top priority! We use industry leading software and state of the art encryption programs to protect your data.

We understand that as a business owner it can be difficult to pass off responsibilities. Our experienced transition team will help you implement the new processes in as seamless a way as possible. We’ll pair you with a dedicated team and ensure that you are kept in the loop throughout the process.

Here’s the Bottom Line: We know how easy it is to fall behind on important accounting functions when you’re running a business. The Good Standing Team is only available to our previous tax clients. We actually started it in response to our clients asking for help making certain they never had to deal with a collection problem again.

That is our total focus with this offer: giving you tools to help you run your business, and keep you off the radar of the taxing authorities.

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